Our Affiliates Stories

The following experiences are real stories from mortgage professionals.

For nearly 10 years, Credit Matters has helped clients succeed and achieve their financial goals. Because we approach each client’s situation differently, we are able to offer the right solutions. Here are some clients we’ve helped recently.

Phil’s Story – Elite Mortgage

Having been a loan officer for over 20 years, Phil talks about the challenges of bad credit when buying a home. Phil talks about an experience with a client that he referred to Credit Matters. Learn how Credit Matters restored that client’s credit and everyone was able to win!

Steve Woulf – Cornerstone Mortgage

“You guys are Great! I gave your contact info to 3 new realtors I met with yesterday. I am selling you hard as the only company that really works. I say you won’t just take there money unless they think they can help you and you get results quickly as opposed to the competitors length of time and lack of results.

Sorry you have big expectations to adhere to. I know you’re the company for the job .”

Richard Parins – Central States Mortgage

“When I first heard about your services I must admit to a skeptical view I held. My credit report was inaccurate and I had little success getting the report corrected, and honestly, I never did succeed.

After sending a few of my customers to you and seeing the remarkable turn-around in their credit lives, I’m a believer. Your services were the most worthwhile investment these people ever made in their credit worthiness.

Good luck, and I look forward to working with you again.”