Our History

In 2003, Dan Krueger, the founder and current president, started Credit Matters because, as a fellow consumer, he believed (and still believes) in providing consumers with a way to improve their overall credit and financial situation.

At that time, the internet didn’t have the self-help solutions it does now, and although many consumers wanted help improving their credit, many didn’t know the first step. Dan was inspired to create those credit and financial solutions; he wanted consumers to have the power to change their credit situations and to change their lives.

Before “Credit Repair” was an established service, many people with fair-to-poor credit thought their credit profile would take 5-7 years to improve. Dan knew that consumers needed a solution, so he created a company that embodied his vision. Even though the credit industry was still evolving, Dan realized the growing importance of credit (and credit scoring) in the economy and lives of consumers. First, he had to gain respect and trust from new business partners; therefore, Dan decided to initially offer Credit Matters’ services for free!

Once clients realized the value the company provided, the business started growing immediately. Over the next several years the industry changed tremendously and Credit Matters had to adapt; especially when the recession hit. The team of Credit Matters carried on with the vision. They spent more time analyzing credit reports and credit scores. The team knew that consumers needed credit solutions that were simpler and more effective, yet customized to fit individual situations.

Credit Scoring Basics

GreenBayGreg of Dellaire Realty interviews the president of Credit Matters, Dan Krueger, to discuss the basics of credit repair and credit scoring.