A company founded on hard work and integrity

Since being founded in Wisconsin in 2003, we at Credit Matters have stayed firm to our mission: to help consumers and business owners increase their credit worthiness. Being a family-owned and operated business, we understand the importance of hard work and integrity. We also know what it means to have goals and dreams and we have helped numerous clients reach their financial goals through our credit services.

Our Corporate Philosophy centers on three key cornerstones:

  1. We believe in helping people increase their credit-knowledge to better manage and improve their credit worthiness.
  2. By helping and educating people to improve their credit, we help them improve their life.
  3. We believe in educating people to better understand and safeguard their personally identifying information.

Credit Matters is proudly registered by the State of Wisconsin as a Credit Service Organization. View our certificate of registration.

Credit Scoring Basics

GreenBayGreg of Dellaire Realty interviews the president of Credit Matters, Dan Krueger, to discuss the basics of credit repair and credit scoring.