Credit Repair

Credit repair is about second chances.  That’s how we’ve always felt.  So whether your credit score has been a recent obstacle…or it’s been holding you back for years…we totally understand where you’re coming from.  The BIG reason many people suffer with poor scores is because they have “too many derogatory (hurtful) items.”   We provide a customized credit repair solution.  More about that in the paragraph below.  Over the years, we’ve helped thousands of customers reach their goals…some of those customers started with a score as low as a 443!

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What exactly is Credit Repair?
Credit repair (referred to as credit restoration…but NOT credit counseling), can remove derogatory (hurtful) items from a credit report.  It’s done by sending dispute letters directly to the 3 credit bureaus (Trans Union, Equifax, and Experian).  Removing derogatory items can lead to a massive and quick increase in a credit score.  While our average customer sees a 60-80 point increase in their scores, some customers’ scores increase by over 150 points.  Disputing derogatory accounts with the credit bureaus is something each consumer can do, as spelled out in the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) and other federal consumer protection laws.  It makes credit repair super POWERFUL.
How it Works
Upon receiving a dispute letter, a credit reporting agency has 30 days to attempt to verify the disputed information with the creditor. If any account information is incorrect, outdated or unverifiable, the account must be removed (or updated) from the credit report and the results of the investigation mailed to the consumer. Numerous deletions can mean a BIG increase in the score.  Once that investigation is finished, we see how many accounts were deleted and how many remain.   Any account that WASN’T deleted can be disputed again.  Disputing an account differently a second or third time means there’s another chance the account won’t be verified, and it would be deleted.  This can result in many more deletions!
Why Credit Matters
Simply put…everyone at our company is passionate about helping our customers succeed…because we strongly believe people deserve a second chance at life and at a better credit score.  After years of helping literally thousands of customers reach their goal…whether it was a new home, a new car, a better loan rate, you name it…we can promise you that we’ve seen it all…and if YOU have poor credit, then you’re probably in the same spot that many of our other customers were in.   And we know exactly how to help.  We start by listening and understanding your unique situation – your history, current monthly assets, debts, goals and other factors, and then determine your customized credit repair plan.   Basically, our goal is to help our customers upgrade their lives as quickly as possible.  Call us to get started: 866-895-4490.

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Credit Scoring Basics

GreenBayGreg of Dellaire Realty interviews the president of Credit Matters, Dan Krueger, to discuss the basics of credit repair and credit scoring.