Removing Adverse Accounts From Your Credit Report Can Quickly Increase Your Scores



Adverse (derogatory) accounts in your credit report hurt your scores – especially accounts in the last 2 years.

Late payments, collections, judgments, tax liens, and bankruptcies can be removed..if the information is determined to be inaccurate or unverifiable.


The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) allows you to challenge information in your credit report and potentially remove it. Accounts removed from your report affect your scores immediately, and won’t be included in the score calculation the next time your credit is pulled.

When adverse accounts are removed from your report your scores improve. The amount of score increase depends on the number of adverse accounts remaining, as well as the amount of positive credit history in your report.


CDS can be removed in 1-6 weeks. Disputing accounts usually results in CDS posted on the credit report. Most mortgage loans require that CDS be removed before approving your loan. To remove CDS from your report, you’ll need to notify both the creditor and CRAs that the account is no longer disputed and to remove the CDS remark.



The Fair Credit Reporting Act (federal law) spells out the process by which you can dispute information in your credit report. Due to inaccurate, outdated, or unverifiable information often being reported in consumer credit reports, you have the right to dispute information directly with the Credit Reporting Agencies (CRAs).


When an account is disputed with the CRAs, they begin an investigation with the creditor. The CRAs have up to 30 days to complete an investigation.


Disputed accounts determined to be inaccurate are updated to report accurately. If the account is outdated or unverified by the creditor, then the CRA must delete the account from your credit report.


Upon completing the investigation, CRAs are required to send you investigation results. This is a partial credit report showing which disputed accounts were corrected, deleted, or verified. Deleted accounts mean scores have improved. Scores are not included with this report.


(a) CRAs sometimes neglect to investigate disputed accounts;
(b) Accounts with errors aren’t corrected;
(c) An account may get deleted from two Credit Reporting Agencies, but remains on the other CRA.


Hence, additional disputes may be required. Persistance pays off!

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